Currency Details
INR Through our Mumbai Treasury Branch
Yen Through our Tokyo Branch
HKD Through our Hongkong Branch
GBP Through our London Branch
EURO Through our Paris Branch
SGD Through our Singapore Branch
USD To any bank across the globe through their correspondent bank

No fee/charges/commission for rupee remittances to our branches in India, irrespective of the amount.

Conversion from USD to INR is at Card Rate determined on a daily basis.

Remittance in INR to a beneficiary in India

  • Bank of India branches - NIL
  • Other banks – USD 25.00

Remittance to beneficiary in other countries, irrespective of amount or currency (other than INR) – USD 30.00

Remittance within USA – USD 30.00

We process wire transfers only for our customers who have account in our New York Branch.

Information required
  • Beneficiary’s Name
  • Address
  • Account Number
  • Bank details.

For wire transfer to other banks in India (except BOI) 11 digit IFS Code is required.
For wire transfer to other banks across the globe, IBAN or BIC is required.

How long does it take for the amount to be credited

Normally, the funds are credited to the beneficiary within two business days. It may take longer depending on the foreign country’s practices.

International Wire Transfers through your bankers to any Bank of India branch

Provide the following information to your bank
Intermediary Institution – Bank of India, New York Branch, BIC - BKIDUS33 or ABA Routing Number – 026005458
Account with Institution – SWIFT Code of the branch where you maintain account (in case of Indian branches – the nearest AD branch)

Beneficiary Customer

  • 15 digit Account Number
  • Name
  • Address
  • Parent Branch

Remittance Information – Purpose of Remittance

Demand Drafts

Bank of India – New York Branch has discontinued issuing Demand Drafts.

In case you need more information, contact Remittance Department

Or Vice President (Operations) at 646-720-0392

For remittance above USD 100,000.00 please contact our dealing room for finer rates

646-720-0394 / 646-720-0403

Download the necessary document using below

Application form for wire transfer in Local currency
Application form for wire transfer in USD